The Down and Dirty Details



Check in Place: Camp Ouachita for all races.

Times: 5pm for 25K and 50k.

You’ll pick up your bib, wristband, swag at runner check in. You must wear your number in such a place that a reasonable person can see it in the dark – i.e. on the front of your hat, shirt, shorts etc. Not on your back, butt, backpack, etc.

You may not pick up a packet for another runner during check in. Please stop by after 10 p.m. to do so. 

50kers: If you want to switch to the 25K at check in, please let the volunteers know. You will run with your 50K bib number, but without the 50K wristband. Your start time will be 8 p.m. for the 25K.

Please wear the numbered wristband on your right hand. This is the hand facing the finish line staff as you blaze across the finish and helps them identify you as a 50K finisher.

If you find your fun meter is tapped at the 25K turnaround aid station you are allowed to drop to the 25K race at that point. You will need the Aid Station Captain, or the Radio Crew Captain, to cut off your bracelet. Please don’t tear it off and leave it. If you stop at the 25k, that will be a DNF. You will wait for the sag wagon to pick you up.

If you want a different size shirt than what you indicated, we’ll do our best to exchange them for the desired size after the run.

Do not come to check-in 5 minutes before your race. This will make Tara the Check-In Queen very angry. You do not want to see Tara Angry.

Race Start

50k Race

The 50K race starts for all runners at 7 p.m. The Cutoffs are 10:00 for the outbound 25K turnaround aid station; 12 a.m. for the 50K turnaround aid station; and 2:00 a.m. for the inbound 25K turnaround. We are offering a 6 p.m. early start for 50kers that know it will take them over 8 hours to complete the 50k (cutoff is 9 hours***This early start is only for 50K runners that know they will not finish by 4am.)

25K Race

The 25K race starts for all runners at 8 p.m. The Cutoffs is 2:00 a.m. at the 25K turnaround.

If you do not make the cutoffs, you will ride back to Camp O in the sag wagon. Be cool with that. You can race again next year.


Carpool if you can. You must park on the north side of the road (opposite of the race HQ). Please ensure your entire car is parked to the left of the white line on the side of the road. Plan ahead and be prepared to walk to the check in/start line. There is no parking in the lot at Camp Ouachita; this is for emergency and aid vehicles only, plus a place for everyone to congregate at the finish safely without fighting tired runners trying to back over them in the dark. Do not block the drive way. Do not pull into the drive way. 

No Dogs 

Camp Ouachita banned dogs from the premises like three years ago. Having dogs at Camp Ouachita could result in our permit being pulled.


Joe from Arkansas Outside will be back this year! He's generous enough to share his photos of you all on the Arkansas Outside Facebook page, but we want your pics too. Whip out your picture phone snap, tag, post and share whatever you can. When you blaze across the finish line, smile for Joe! Strike a pose. Make it interesting. Make it weird. We love that. Use #fullmoon50K or #fullmoon25K or #fullmoonpartyrun so we can find and share each other’s handy work. 

Trail Briefing

Begins at 6:50 p.m. with final instructions. Plan on being at the starting line by 6:50. Race starts at 7 p.m. sharp!

Course Marking

The course is marked with high reflective streamers, signs, and white and orange spray chalk at every turn. Please review the maps before race day. 

Radio Etiquette

You will probably have many friends out on the course and may even be curious about how your favorite runner is doing. Please do not harass the HAM radio team looking for runners. They have had ninja training, and won't be afraid to use it.

Aid Stations

We have great folks who come out every year to ensure you have a good race. Listen to their instruction, and be respectful. 

Finish Line

Please make sure we get your number at the finish line. Your chips should do the work, but we keep a backup system just in case! Do not congregate behind the finish line. It is very dangerous to do so, and clogs up the flow of runner traffic. Please stay in designated areas to enjoy.

After Party 

Williams Junction Fire Department will be serving Breakfast starting around 10:30 pm. Runners will be coming in until 4am. Please plan to stay and cheer them all in! Bring a chair and a beverage!